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A BEGINNING: GOLDIE, the Wonder-Mom:

At 95  , turning the clock back by AT LEAST 15 years in just a few weeks.

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CHILDREN:from severe injuries to reversal of medical conditions like Down's Syndrome.

1) Severe burn; child standing next to stove, burned with boiling water; without these special treatment modalities would have had facial scars for life. FULLY - 100% - healed, no scars.

2) Down'sSyndrome: Treated with embryonic tissues/cells:mesenchyme, brain, thymus. Prof. Franz Schmid, MD, Aschaffenburg University, Germany.

RIGHT ---> Microscope used in making person-specific NT Stem Cells. For the stem cell section - from adult to embryonic, to individual-specific - click on  http://www.drhans.org/stemcells.php

 < - -  LEFT  - Human Treatment Successes.

Car accident - impact-induced - heart rupture.

Left atrium 6.8 (normal is < 3.9),  

extreme A-Fib heart irregularity,  

EF, Ejection Fraction 28%; 50 is minimum for just walking.

Full recovery:

Left Atrium: 3.7 - - in normal range.

Sinus - - normal heart beat.

EF: 80% - - classified as "high performing athlete.

Two Cancer Case Histories: Fully recovered.

The Bone scans speak for themselves.

A TEASER: Slide 1 and 2: Facial regeneration with adult stem cells. Slide 3: See the effect of UV exposure! The Monk (always inside) and farm worker - same age - always outside; no UV protection. More in the Stem Cell section.


  ANTI-AGING  SUCCESSES, based on correctly applying the Anti-Aging Modalities.

   View the  slide shows first. Explanations are at the bottom of the pictures. Need/want more details, read the text, below.

  ANIMAL STUDIES:  MICE/Longevity - - DOG/Chronic disease - - HORSE Regeneration



Now see what magnificent results are achieved when the Anti-Aging Modalities are applied in in the treatment of specific medical problems (also discussed in more detail in LIFE-LONG HEALTH, introduction, chapters 1, 2, 6, 8, and 10).

Previous to applying the Anti-Aging - best health - Modalities to an existing problem (as full regimen, or adjunct with another modality, like Embryonic cell extracts, or stem cells) a bottom-line evaluation of the problem - - where it, most likely, had its starting point(s), and the damage it may have already caused - - is an absolute necessity.


Animal studies; see slide show above. Slides advance automatically, but you can also click right or left for previous or next slide.

1) MICE -longevity studies: Two groups of SA mice - - one group subjected to all the wrong things (high sugar diet, tap water,  cigarette smoke, smaller cages, no exercise), the other doing everything right (carbon-filtered water, quality diet, exercise in rotating drum, supplements, including varying the spaces by changing interior setup. RESULTS: 100% difference in average life spans. But - even more  important - repeat the study without the exercise/activity in group two, AND LIFE SPAN INCREASES DROP TO ONLY 50%!

2) This magnificent animal - the one on the right - age 12 (English pointer)had developed severe hip dysplasia with hind legs collapsing; vet suggested to put her down. Giving the German (Dr. Friedrichson, PhD, MD, Heidelberg U.) embryonic cell extracts (next best thing to stem cells, same as used in Dr. Kugler's heart recovery), anti-inflammatory fish oil, and special exercises in swimming pool (ch.10 and 11 in LIFE-LONG HEALTH), and the pointer lived a normal life for 2 more years.

3) 6-year old THOROUGHBRED - man of war  in its line - was so run down (due to neglect) that  even walking was difficult; hind legs swollen like telephone polls. We were lucky to have the renowned Dr. James Jensen, DVM, a true genius, as a friend. This was a true challenge for him and myself. Connected to a company - DaVinci laboratories - famous for their - horse and human - nutrients, we decided that Doc Jensen would start with a weak vaccine (to stimulate immune functions, while I plugged the horse full of every possible nutrient, together with a true quality - organic - feed. When the horse - listening to what we had in store - went down on its front legs, and I could swear I heard it saying a prayer "dear Lord, please let it work." We took turns visiting with the horse at least 3 times per day, walking it during each visit, talking to it, and hugging it.  What a fast recovery that was! Within 6 weeks of the start, I decided to take jumping lessons with a very well-known - Julie Smith -  trainer. This was like a dream come true; we did even better than what we had hoped for. The powerhouse picture - "Rocket" in full speed -   was 6 months after the start. I continued the jumping lessons, and in the coming Portuguese Bend National Horse show - competing against 42 other riders (some of them going for the then Olympics in LA) I made the second place.