CLIMATE CHANGE: Geoengineering/WeatherModification VooDoo

                                                                                                                SRM: Solar Radiation Management

                                                                                                                By Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, author of the - soon to come - e-book "NUTS" to the Climate Change Denialists."


WITH THE CARBON INDUSTRY'S CRIMINAL ACTIONS OF intentionally PLANTING BOGUS ANTI-CLIMATE-CHANGE ARGUMENTS - the major cause of letting the GW blunder of all times (the extreme arctic ice losses) happen  - the downhill spiral steepened to a degree that top experts - NASA, IPCC, university research centers  - say "THE TIME FOR, FINALLY, TAKING EFFECTIVE COUNTERMEASURES IS NOW OR NEVER".

Years ago, after NASA, confirmed by Global Warming scientists around the world, showed thatGlobal Warming (GW) - Climate Change - along with all the earth-destruction was due to excessive CO2 production - - the world now pumps 40 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year, which is 24 billion tons in excess of what nature/earth can handle to sustain a healthy balance  - -

the carbon industry - unwilling to accept profit decreases - started intentionally planting dishonest bogus anti climate change arguments - -  AND NOTHING GOT DONE. Possibly because they recognized their own screw-ups they involved Geoengineering/WeatherModification projects that dated back to WW-II when it became possible, with cloud seeding, to unleash ice storms on enemy troupes - - - but apparently WITHOUT checking for risks (now established as EXTREMELY SEVERE) of the spray ingredients. Kept covert (what better way than to call it "A MILITARY PROJECT") - YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KNOW - the Geoengineering atrocities continue in the form of Chemtrails, high altitude (30,000 to 40,000 ft) spraying of toxic Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Thallium, aerosols. Aluminum causes Alzheimeer's and Autism, and in combination with the other ingredients causes INFLAMMATION (starting point for inflammatory diseases like cancer and heart diseas. Besides that it increases wildfires and reduces solar panel output.

  • As early as 2007 warnings from AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group),and supporting GW researchers alerted world governments about the arctic ice melting at an unprecedented rate, and the need to take effective countermeasures; real (AMEG, NASA, IPCC, leading university) scientists had urged to take swift countermeasures.
  • Due to slimy/phony carbon industry's intentional planting of bogus anti climate change arguments ($ 543 million spent by carbon interests) nothing got done.
  • NOW, with the ice literally gone, and only a few (melting) glacier leftovers they, the carbon Frankenstein-type VooDoo apprentices, are still using the weather modification methods. WHY, with what justification?
  • In the process of trying out this pseudo-scientific VooDoo, awry-gone weather modification attempts decimated the N-Dakota cattle industry by killing (inducing an ice storm) 20,000 cattle within hours, and then, with another artificial ice storm, decimating the Texas cattle industry by killing 30,000 heads of cattle. See ref. (2) Either ignorant about possible risks of the chemtrail ingredients on human health (the ingredients are highly toxic, induce diseases), or totally oblivious - or just give a damn - about safety checks that are required for such large-scale projects, they (whoever THEY are) are releasing these atrocities onto the population at large.
  • Previous to the ice losses, the sun energy reflected by the pristine arctic ice had been calculated at 10 to the 21st Joules, or (using a metaphor) 4 Hiroshima atomic bombs/second (or 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs/day). And now some VooDoo apprentices want to balance this extreme large amount of energy by dumping toxins into the sky that induce Alzheimer's, Autism, increase wildfires, kill trees, and reduce solar panel output by 20% ? COMMITTING SUICIDE WOULD BE JUST A LITTLE FASTER!
  • WHAT WERE/ARE THEY THINKING??? With ingredients in the sprays confirmed (rain water analysis after chemtrail spraying), what is really perpetrated onto us are 1) GREATLY (from 12,000+ to  24,000+/year) increased large (1,000 acres+) wildfires due to even small amounts of Aluminum reducing tree's water uptake, thus making kindling out of them, and thus adding large amounts of CO2 back into the  equation, killing of trees, due to poisoning of threes with larger amounts of Aluminum, thus reducing our first line of defense against excess CO2, and more, AND MORE!  Would  having such a military project  be worth it if it kills your own people, and decimates your own environment? TOTALLY BRAINLESS - - you bet!

 BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER/WORSE: NASA Satellite pictures - from high up there, looking down at earth, caught the Geoengineering apprentices laying large squares (involving 30+ spray planes, flying side by side) of toxic, disease-inducing, solar panel output-reducing Chemtrails.

So, why are these projects kept covert? It actually is a "firewall" against people finding out who is doing this apprentice VooDoo, who authorized it, and (most likely) to discover that special interests - the carbon ElToroPooPoo-ers - are pulling the strings, while ignoring the health- and environment-destructing risks to the population at large, covering up that our own clean energy experts/projects - of which we have numerous, and highly succesfull ones - have NOT been given a chance to solve the problems,AND ALL THIS TO SUSTAIN THE OBSCENE CARBON PROFITS. 

Let's take a look at the greed-based catastrophe - THE WORLDWIDE BLUNDER OF THE CENTURY - allowing the arctic ice losses to happen.

  • Earth once had two air conditioners (see slideshow below) , the ice masses at the Arctic and Antarctic. The cooled air at these opposite poles, together with earth's rotation and 85% of the sun's energy reflected back into space by the pristine arctic ice, had determined well-defined worldwide temperatures and weather patterns.
  • Now, with the arctic ice masses gone and only a few (ever decreasing, covered with pollution soot) glacier left-overs,  new – devastating – weather patterns (all predicted; from the floods, to the code 4 Hurricanes, droughts, doubling of large wildfires, from 12,000 to 24,000+/year) have ALL started to come true.
  • AMEG – , the arctic methane emergency group – had urged, again and again, world leaders to take countermeasures to prevent the arctic ice losses, and warned the world about the coming risks as early as 2008, presented all their calculations in 2011, and again in 2012, pinpointing the near 100% arctic ice losses to September of 2015, but the Greed Machine of special interest$ planted bogu$ arguments to confuse the issues, and nothing got done to counter this devastation.


  • Right from the beginning, EVERY expert emphasized that actions to counter the GW effects had to be swift and effective; this was emphasized again and again by experts, NASA, and every university team; yet, what was being done was delays, shortcuts, and (most likely carbon industry caused by planting bogus anti-climate change arguments at a rate of $ 543 million) apprentice-type gimmicks like chemtrail spraying.
  • A publication by Cambridge U., England, calculated the costs of countermeasures, and made it clear that delays would sky-rocket these costs - exponentially - to a whopping $ 60 trillion, unaffordable for anybody. In the light of all these, clearly documented, facts it makes absolutely no sense to (as the carbon/oil interests do) deny climate science facts, and to delay taking countermeasures. But such is the world of money and greed: ANY delays will give them more time to sell, and make money, on their earth-destructing poisons. When the world leaders will FINALLY acknowledge that countermeasures must be taken, even at skyrocketed costs, WHO WILL PAY FOR IT - a) THE CARBON BLOODSUCKERS WITH THE PROFITS THEY MADE, OR b) GOVERNMENTS WITH PEOPLE'S TAX DOLLARS? Naturally, its b), and with this you have the dishonest/bloodsucking, story of money and greed.
  • With these risks clearly established, does anybody think that they might give a hoot that, besides the lost air-conditioning effect, with the arctic ice gone (only a few glaciers - melting rapidly - remaining; sea ice getting as thin as a few inches), the sun energy reflected by the ice has decreased to a mere 4 - 8%, and that the energy equivalent of 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs/day (previously reflected) is now going into warming earth, specifically permafrost areas and ocean, and releasing megatons of GW-accelerating methane into the atmosphere??? 


But there are other- much worse  - problems: the steady rise in temperatures enhances the GW effectsof CO2 and CH4 by simply picking up moisture; this, in physics, is known as the "Tyndall Effect," and thus ever steepening the GW downhill spiral by the day.

TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS WE NEED TO - GREATLY -  CUT  DOWN ON CO2 PRODUCTION. We have all the solutions, but the greedy bastard special industries - carbon? Oil? - use all their powers not to let it happen ( - - and with this the special interest enter the realm of criminal action). Because of this alone they should be exposed, taken to court, and held responsible.  

Energy alternatives galore: 

Now the same special (carbon? GMO?) interest ignoramuses, unaffected by scientific realities, are, apparently, left in charge (covert? Why?) again, sabotaging the life of the planet.Their brainless, scientifically retarded "solution," already proven wrong more than 3 years ago, is to collect CO2 and pump it underground: Exposing the risks of “CO2 Sequestration”  and  and

This kind of clowning around with our health/environment MUST STOP, and these special interests must be held responsible ( - - - very similar to the 60th tobacco industry scams).

Was it a feeling of guilt by those who failed to take needed countermeasures to prevent the predicted catastrophe, and just let it happen, that the same ignoramuses are at it again, and with even more failing and destructive VooDoo pseudo-science than before?

Sadly enough, in attempting to find ANY justification for these scientifically brainless, illogical, thermodynamics-violating, Geoengineering blunders, in search of a common denominator, one is stuck with only one possible interpretations: Since nothing that is being  done makes ANY sense, that only leaves us with a – actually biblical – interpretation, namely that all of this has boiled down to a simple truth: the battle of the Light against the Dark, i.e. Good versus Evil.
And we are not the only ones coming to this conclusion. Pope Francis gave hints, and genuinely brilliant, though, down-to-earth scientists see no other alternative.

(1) Global Warming – the science, EXTREME urgency to take countermeasures, and associated blunders – are very basic and easily explained.



(4) Quantifying expert consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program by Christine Shearer1,2, Mick West3, Ken Caldeira4 and Steven J Davis1,2  Published 10 August 2016 • © 2016 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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             GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms.

The closer you look,the more flaws you see! The GMO story of greed and deception.

Tufts University: "Half of the Studies Find Cause For Concern … The Other Half Are Studies By the GMO Food Industry itself" (1)
NORWEGIAN GOVT STUDY: "No scientific evidence of GMO food safety"(2)
MIT senior research Stephanie Seneff. "By 2025, half the kids born in the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism" (3)
Russia bans, with a 10-year moratorium, all GMO crops (4)
Dr. Hans Kugler:  "the degree of dishonesty in research by the GMO industry is unsurpassed in science history; the 'GMO industry established 90-day safety studies'
must be re-classified as '90-day GMO industry pull-the-wool-over-peoples-eyes' farces (5). Read all about the disgusting details at:
GMO Industry Harassment against Researchers.

But this is really nothing new. Here in the US Berkeley professor Peter Duesberg, formerly Max Planck Institute, Germany, discoverer of oncogenes, was maligned when he dared to expose the pseudo-science of HIV/AIDS and which - obviously THE major reason for being attacked - also threatened the multi-billion antiviral drug business.

My own experience: I once worked - in the agriculture department at Standard Oil of Indiana, Whiting - on solving problems relating to pesticide use. In the process I became aware of the effect of sound-stimulated (accelerated) germination of plants; seeds grew faster when subjected to sound (4,000, 6,000, 8,000 cycles per second), spreading leaves, and taking sun energy way from (slower germinating) weeds, and suggesting that this might be a way to eliminate the use of toxic herbicides that were polluting everything, from waterways to foods. With two greenhouses - one with, the other without - sound stimulated crop germination, we showed that, within 4 to 6 weeks of planting, regular crops (soybeans, etc.) grew to 2 to 3 times the size of untreated controls. The bottom-line was that, using sound, we could get away with no herbicide use. Everybody came to see my two greenhouses. When my supervisor called me in for a meeting, I was sure that I would get praise and a raise. BUT NO; how naive could a young researcher be. At first he complimented me on my work, then reminded me that, in order to publish my findings, I would need the company's permission and - - by the way, we need you to take a look at problems we have with an emulsifier - - - IN ESSENCE PROJECT TERMINATED!

MY RESPONSE: I terminated my employment with (what I defined as) the oil company ElToroPooPoo-ers, and went back into teaching (at Roosevelt U, Chicago, teaching pre-meds organic/bio chemistry, and where I also started my anti-aging research, doing longevity studies with cancer-prone SA mice and guinea pigs.

(1) GMO STUDIES: Half of the Studies Find Cause For Concern … The Other Half Are Studies By the GMO Food Industry itself.

(2) NORWEGIAN GOVT STUDY: "No scientific evidence of GMO food safety" - - and MUCH more.

(3)    MIT senior research Stephanie Seneff. "By 2025, half the kids born in the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism", Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT