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“It’s like being force-fed Endocrine-Disrupting pesticides, herbicides, while you have very little chance to avoid inhaling (also endocrine-disrupting)  toxic chemicals that are being sprayed – intentionally - by special (carbon? GMO?) interests to sustain (your health? Are you kidding?) THEIR PROFITS!" A first year college  student in response  to a presentation by a climate scientist.  

Pesticide Corruption

The REALITY of denying your - health - freedoms  of choice:

Illegal Herbicide Use on GMO Crops Causing Massive Damage to Fruit, Vegetable and Soybean Farms

As per request from visitors to our site: An introduction to the science of Endocrine Disruption, by Hans J. Kugler, PhD:

"Dr. Hans Kugler, PhD, is one of our most highly recognized researchers in the field of anti-aging medicine; his scientific presentations - - supported by impeccable documentation -- are eye-openers for professionals and lay-persons alike.                   

As professor of chemistry at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where he also did extensive longevity research, Dr. Kugler not only puts things into perspective, but also provides a complete picture of the anti-aging and regenerative medical sciences that can  be applied with successful  results."


Dr. Ronald Klatz, M.D., D.O. President, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)


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Anti-Aging Expert Dr. Hans Kugler, PhD


                                           Applied Anti-Aging; an overview

supported - at the end - with a slide show

                                            by Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD

                           Want the shortest possible overview? Read the blue text only.


In the early stages of anti-aging, we used to tell people: "Adhere to good health practices"; scientists had documented a gain/loss of years with each - good or bad - health practice. Example: long-time recreational drug abuse showed severe aging effects within just a few years, and resulted in an average life span of the abusers of only 39 years; see slides show below.

Aging research evolved further with the publishing of various Theories on Aging; the immunologic and free radical theories were the strongest ones because they - clearly - connected to disease onset/prevention. A good immune system is important in, e.g., preventing/reversing a number of immune-related diseases; cancer, for example. Free radicals - induced by pollution, wrong diet, smoking - causing damage to tissues (and with this induced diseases) were deactivated by antioxidants. Key antioxidants are vitamin E, A, the mineral selenium, sulfur amino acids, others. But more and more is DEFINITELY NOT better and better. Athletes given large amounts of antioxidants showed a SLOWING of performance. Why? Because some energy metabolic pathways are free radical based.

The real connection to aging came with the discovery of Telomeres, extensions at the end of the DNA - chromosomes - in your cells; the longest (largest # of subdivisions) at birth, and shortening by one unit with each cell division, AND the enzyme TELOMERASE that re-sets telomeres to full length at birth. Professor Leonard Hayflick's "Limited life span theory on aging" had  predicted a limit to human life span. With a maximum of 54 subdivisions for humans, and not killing ourselves in any other way, by the time all 54 subdivisions were used up, this would result in a maximum life span of 110 to 120 years.

Scientists quickly discovered the connection between increased/decreased life span and good/bad health practices - now referred to as Anti-Aging Modalities - and telomere-length: good health practices sustained telomere length, and bad ones shortened telomeres. STRESS was found to be the strongest TELOMERE-shortening factor, and exercise the strongest telomere-MAINTAINING factor. From then on, longevity studies focused on telomeres, and instead of health practices, we now refer to Anti-Aging MODALITIES.

In our own longevity studies at Roosevelt U., Chicago, we compared two groups of  cancer-prone Swiss Albino mice: : one exposed to all the wrong things (cigarette smoke, high sugar diet, tap water, no exercise or supplements), and the other pampered with all the right anti-aging modalities (from a quality diet, antioxidant supplements, to exercise, no cigarette smoke, and carbon-filtered drinking fluid). RESULTS: 100% DIFFERENCE IN AVERAGE LIFE SPAN BETWEEN THE TWO GROUPS AND - MOST IMPORTANT: Repeating this longevity study WITHOUT THE EXERCISE/ACTIVITY IN THE SECOND GROUP, AND LIFE SPAN INCREASES DROP TO 50%.


Based on longevity studies,the new Anti-Aging Modalities are arranged in decreasing order: 
1) Exercise/activity, 2) Detox/Environment, 3) Supplementation, 4) general Nutrition, 5) Stress Management.
Detox/Environment are kept together because, nowadays, the most severe  environmental toxins - Aluminum, Barium, others -  are, INTENTIONALLY, introduced into the environment via (covert - YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KNOW) Geoengineering/chemtrail spraying that has NO - zilch - scientific basis for doing so, pushed by special (carbon?) interests with the phoniest explanations. More about this in the specialty section - page 2 - about Geoengineering.  

EVEN BETTER: applying the Anti-Aging Modalities CORRECTLY will give you: a) Least rate of aging, b) Top fitness, c) Full/best cognitive functioning, d) Sexual capacity, e) Fastest Rate of Recovery from disease/injury, f)  best resistance - firewall - against health threats. As demonstrated in many research projects, applying the Anti-Aging Modalities in the treatment of specific medical problems (as block treatment, or adjunct to other anti-aging treatments, like Embryonic Cell Extracts) - - as we have done - -, superior results are often achieved, as demonstrated in multiple papers, presented at A4M Congresses (presented here in the "Anti-Aging Successes" section, page 3, and also discussed in detail in LIFE-LONG HEALTH).

QUESTION: So, where do I start; what are the - top priority - starting points towards successful anti-aging?

ANSWER: bet you'd never guessed this one - lowering/eliminating sugar/HFCS intake close to zero, followed by changing your exercise to a "circuit program" (that combines a cardio/aerobic with a lean body mass/muscle segment).

Evaluating the worst part of nutrition (that has the potential of - negatively - affecting people's health   for generations to come) - sugar/sweetener intake. The Glycation Theory had suggested risks  due to excess sugar/HFCS intake, including telomere shortening. Excess sugar/HFCS intake is now confirmed as the cause of "fat and fatter" AND dramatic increases in disease risks. Limits for sugar intake are a mere 100 cal/day for women, 150 cal/day (28 grams) for men, and zero  for the sweetener HFCS(that, SEVERELY, affects liver functiions). Dr. Robert Lustig, MD, U. Calif., San Francisco, deserves credit for exposing the sugar/sweetener blunders, and listening to his YouTube presentations - GREAT SCIENCE LOGIC - is an absolute "MUST." 


Priority # 2 is to change to the most effective - - Circuit Exercise - - Program that combines an aerobic with a lean body mass/muscle segment), depending on what you are trying to achieve, you focus more on the segment that will give you your preferred characteristics. Want more strength, emphasize the lean body/mucle segment, want more leaning, endurance, emphasize the aerobic segment! A key part in all this is to sustain a desired heart rate; start with at first bringing the heart rate into the right range with one of the aerobic exercise machines, and as you keep going - changing from one segment to the other - exercises at a pace that sustains the desired heart rate.

The best support for building/rebuilding lean body mass/muscle at a later stage of life - and to simply feel better,is to combine the anti-aging modalities with HGH - Human Growth Hormone, and testosterone. Millions of people were taking HGH, until the makers of HGH became greedy, and raised the prices, unafordable for most people ( $ 1,000+/month).

But where there is darkness, sunshine often breaks through with a scientific discovery! In  this case it was a new, peptides-protecting extract of Deer Antler. At one of the A4M Congresses an exhibitor alerted me to this new formula - Deer Antler Velvet - (that contained IGF-1; what a doctor looks for in a blood analysis when considering prescribing HGH) and offered me a sample. Ever since I have been using this SUB-L-TROPIN (, I didn't lose an ounce of muscle mass.

Taking testosterone requires an understanding of testosterone metabolism and function to avoid problems like testicular atrophy. The key points are discussed in LIFE-LONG HEALTH, Ch. 4. Better yet, contact A4M to get a hormone-replacement certified doctor.


SO, WE THOUGHT WE HAD IT ALL PAT-DOWN!  BUT "NO", GREED FEEDS THE DARK - DESTRUCTIVE - SIDE.With poisonous GMOs and toxic chemicals - - Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Thallium, aerosols, others - - intentionally introduced into our environment via Geoengineering/WeatherModification/SRM high altitude spraying ("to balance climate change effects") TWO MONKEY WRENCHES WERE THROWN INTO OUR ANTI-AGING PROTOCOL. Because the effects on our bodies are severe ED (endocrine-disrupting, and originate from the environment), and removing these toxins from our body is so important, detoxing/environment has become the #2 essential anti-aging modality. Unless we detox on a regular basis, the endocrine-disruption (caused by toxins accumulating in adipose tissue in the body) affects our hormone system via mimicking estrogens, affecting sexual functioning, inducing transgenders in men, and early puberty in girls. Besides this, the aluminum in the sprays induces diseases like Alzheimer's, Autism, inflammation, and also kills our first line of defense against CO2 excesses, TREES - and reduces tree's water uptake, thus making kindling out of them, now established as major factor for all these large wildfires (1,000+ acres) that have doubled over the years from 12,000+ to 24,000+ in the US alone.

For an introduction to endocrine disruption by Prof. Theo Colborn of Florida University, A MUST VIEW VIDEO: Theo Colborn reads a letter to the president, explaining, step-by-step, the discoveries, and effects relating to Endocrine disruption; everyday chemicals, pollutants, mimicking estrogens. .
The scientific basis of ED, and how Stem Cells could be used to reverse Endocrine Disruption, was presented by Dr. Kugler at the 2013 A4M medical congress. To access the full paper click on:

The Geoengineering atrocities - intentionally poisoning our environment with toxins - have their origin in Global Warming denial by the carbon (oil) interests with intentionally planted ($ 543 million worth) of  bogus anti-climate change arguments. This ElToroPooPoo-ing of the public led to ignoring      warnings by AMEG about coming arctic ice losses, then (by September 2015) a near complete loss of arctic ice, followed by the (predicted) climate disasters of immense proportions everywhere, like the Louisiana flooding, extreme California wildfires, the annihilation (20,000+ cattle each) of N-Dakota and Texas cattle industries in man-made ice storms, and multiple similar disasters worldwide. We hypothesize that, in order to balance these climate change blunders, some true loony-tunes special interest (carbon) apprentice ignoramuses are spraying us with these - Al,  Ba, Sr, Tl, disease-inducing, tree-killing -  toxins to prevent some sun energy from reaching earth.   

Both highly questionable, people-, and earth-destructing areas - GMOs, and Geoengineering are covered on this site here in some detail on page 2, "GEOENGINEERING/WeatherModification/SRM VooDoo" and "GMO ABERRATIONS".

FOR A BETTER, AND COMPLETE, UNDERSTANDING OF ALL THE - detailed - ANTI-AGING MODALITIES - THANKS TO A  DONATION TO IAAM (Calif. 501-c-3 charitable, nonprofit, health education; tax-deductible, please donate) DR. KUGLER'S E-BOOK"LIFE-LONG HEALTH; learn how to control your genes to stay Young with Age" - regular $ 16, just updated - is available at the nonprofit price of only $ 1.99. LIFE-LONG HEALTH is, in essence, about successfully applied anti-aging  - present and future - and we will refer to specific sections in this book for a better understanding of the covered topics. For example: Each Anti-Aging Modality is covered in detail in a full chapter.

To purchase the e-book - LIFE-LONG HEALTH - at BARNES AND NOBLE click here:

4) INCORPORATING ECEs (Embryonic Cell Extracts) AND STEM CELLS (adult, NT).

THE NEXT STEP UP - super-fitness at any age - 80+, 90+ - combines the anti-aging modalities with  hormone replacement, embryonic cell extracts , and stem cells (several types). How scientists make embryonic, person specific, able to REVERSE aging, NT (nuclear transfer) stem cells, and the amazing age-reversal in animal models, are the topics of Part III in LIFE-LONG HEALTH, and  detailed  at  (click on):

A4M - American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Anti-Aging medicine quickly moved into the # 1 position among medical disciplines. Much of this was due to A4M - American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine - Dr. Ron Klatz, DO, MD, founder and president, holding congresses (with CME credits) worldwide. In the US these congresses are held in the earlier part of December in Las Vegas, and another one in the Spring in Orlando. These congresses were so successful that membership soared to the present 35,000+; starting in 2007, A4M congresses are also being held in countries worldwide.                                                         

Learn more about A4M, specialty accreditation sessions for health professionals (like hormone replacement, testosterone - for men AND women, HGH, HCG, etc.) taught at every Congress, at At  their site also go to "FORUM" to find documentation for amazing treatments, theories, and anti-aging discoveries, from stem cell applications, to hormone replacement, detoxing, endocrine disruption, super-fitness at any age, and more. 

Dr. Hans Kugler presented several papers at A4M, and other congresses worldwide, from cancer reversals, to full recovery of an extreme (car accident-caused) heart rupture, stem cells  and  detoxing. We will refer to these papers,and we now have a way to make them accessible to you without charge; usually science journals require a fee to access papers.